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CAP teaches children to recognize and deal with dangerous situations.  Using role-plays and songs, children practice standing up to a bully, safety rules around strangers, what to do if they are experiencing "unsafe" or "secret" touches, and who to go to for help when needed (mom, dad teachers, counselor, etc.


  • helps children to recognize dangerous situations and keep themselves safe.

  • promotes the belief that we are all responsible to empower children with strength and confidence.


  • teaches children to watch out for tricks and persuasive tactics that can be used to lure them into dangerouse situations.

  • teaches acceptance and understanding of disabilities and diversity.  


  • helps students realize the negative side of social media including the permanence of posts on the web.

  • encourages awareness of how actions and words can have devastating effects on others.

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Storey County Outreach


Lyon County Outreach

Pilot Program

Preschool and Parent


We have been serving the elementary classrooms in Storey County for many years, providing curriculum and services to the community of Virginia City.

In school year 2013-14, CAP successfully piloted a program of outreach and looks forward to serving the communities of Fernley, Dayton, Yerington, Silver Springs and Smith Valley.

Upon request, CAP is able to provide developmentally appropriate programming to preschool or private schools.  We also have presentations available for parents to help them empower their own children to stay safe.

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